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NOW IS THE TIME to bring balance and stability to our government. To work to keep our Community free, safe, and prosperous. Jonathan Reiss’s background uniquely equips him to help bring sense to the governmental crises that we see on a daily basis. Jonathan Reiss is able to recognize what the true issues are and what needs to be done for our Community’s Congressional District so it can be most favorably represented in Congress and in the most effective manner.

The Blueprint we need for our Congressional District to thrive and prosper is well within our reach and needs real, knowledgeable, and serious representation in Washington D.C.  As a great people, we are faced with monumental governmental issues including destructive political imbalances and divisive fighting, all serving only to block progress and hinder growth. What the Community needs to blossom in this 21st century is to be effectively represented in Washington D.C. by an individual who is best trained for the task and with the diverse experience to do so. Jonathan Reiss is clearly the  individual who can do that and the time to make that choice is now.   

Please vote to make sure Jonathan Reiss is your personal representative in Congress to do what needs to be done in a way that will achieve the things that you want to have done.

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